Whether your child has been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum or with any other disability that impairs their learning and life skills, it is important to teach children skills at an early age.  Early Intervention is the key to raising a child with special needs. 

Regardless of a child’s ability level, practicing life skills now can best prepare them to be successful currently as well as moving forward throughout their life. Basic self-help skills, such as dressing, socializing, eating, and grooming are an essential part of daily life along with fine motor and gross motor skills. These skills should be taught at a young age so that children can continue to develop them through the years as they grow.


Fine motor skills allow children to perform actions using small muscles in the hands (like writing, tying shoelaces, holding and manipulating eating utensils), while strengthening hand-eye coordination and isolated finger movements.  Fine and gross motor development involve using both small and large muscles.


The following is an abbreviated list of items that not only will help children address their difficulties but will strengthen their weaknesses in order to master a specific skill.

Please note: the age-appropriateness for each toy is determined by the manufacturer. I've stated my suggested age range for reference here, but you should always default to the manufacturer's instructions.


Special Needs Toys: www.specialneedstoys.com

(images courtesy of Special Needs Toys)

They have a one-year guarantee on everything and ship all over the world. Their toys range from mobile multi-sensory to swings to trampolines and other sensory-integration kits as well as small sensory toys.



Rainbow Numbers

Encourages Fine Motor and Writing Skill Development
ages 3 and up


Musical Cuboid

Encourages and Inspires Creativity
all ages


Scented Play Clay

Embraces 3 senses (sight, touch and smell)
ages 4 and up


Magic Moves Electronic Wand

ages 3 and up


Glitter Bead Sensory Ball (set of 3)

ages 4 and up


Therapy Bead Pack

ages 3 and up



builds fine motor skills
ages 3 and up



helps to build a child’s balance
ages 5 and up

Therapy Shoppe: https://therapyshoppe.com

(images courtesy of Therapy Shoppe)

A great resource for all types of learning tools.  They have been in business for 24 years and they carry a wide array of items that include sensory integration products, educational toys, special needs for learning and much much more.

Finger Popper1266W_w300_h300.jpg

Finger Poppers

ages 5 and up

IMG_3367 web_w300_h300.jpg

Bi-Color Teaching Shoelaces

ages 5 and up


Dressing Vests

ages 3 and up

Art of Conver_w300_h283.2.jpg

The Art of Conversation Cards

ages 5 and up


Kanoodle Visual Perception Game

ages 3 and up

Learning Resources: https://www.learningresources.com

(images courtesy of Learning Resources)

A global manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational products. The company has 1100+ products that are sold in more than 80 countries.  These products  serve children and their families ages preschool through middle school.  Currently, Learning Resources  has 25% off with free shipping on $50 or more with code Hop2It.  They also have some great items on sale as well.



Equivalency Set

ages 6 and up


Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones

ages 2 and up


Magnetic Money

ages 5 and up


Super Sorting Pie

ages 3 and up


Speaker’s Box

grade 1+


Big Time Mini Clock

ages 5 and up

although these come in a set of 6, it allows you to leave one at perhaps a grandparent’s home, babysitters’s home etc.


Children with Special Needs have a wide range of skills and abilities, no two children are exactly alike. These listed items along with many others on the sites assist with the social interaction and communication skills, sensory processing problems, etc. that children are struggling with.

Kids have different learning styles and abilities, so it’s important to support their individual needs. 

The products you choose should help your child to learn at their own pace along with giving them the guidance to reach their fullest potential.

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